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BOOK REVIEW: Inheritance (Inheritance Cyle #4) by Christopher Paolini

Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle, #4)

Name: Inheritance (Inheritance #4)
Author: Christopher Paolini
Number of Pages: 849
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
Date Published: November 8th, 2011
Source: Review (Bought)
Rate: 3.5/5

It began with Eragon... It ends with Inheritance.

Not so very long ago, Eragon — Shadeslayer, Dragon Rider — was nothing more than a poor farm boy, and his dragon, Saphira, only a blue stone in the forest. Now the fate of an entire civilization rests on their shoulders.

Long months of training and battle have brought victories and hope, but they have also brought heartbreaking loss. And still, the real battle lies ahead: they must confront Galbatorix. When they do, they will have to be strong enough to defeat him. And if they cannot, no one can. There will be no second chance.

The Rider and his dragon have come further than anyone dared to hope. But can they topple the evil king and restore justice to Alagaƫsia? And if so, at what cost?

This is the spellbinding conclusion to Christopher Paolini's worldwide bestselling Inheritance cycle.

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 I will be honest, I liked Inheritance, but I did not re-read it like I did the others. It never went through torture that Eldest or Eragon did, nor did it appease my continuous questions from Brisingr

I will admit that Christopher Paolini has created some of the most in-depth characters, than any other book, that I have read. Yet, I felt that Paolini only focused on his character development in this last book rather than the plot. Eragon's character had become so in-depth that I could pull him out of the pages and he would be a perfect living, breathing person. When Eragon and Saphira think there is so much detail that you could not comprehend how well created these character's actually are. Even the secondary character's shared the same similarities of massive character building, which I quite enjoyed. 

Unfortunately I was upset with the set up of the book. Where is any of the action? All I got was Eragon flying around going from one place to another trying to piece together a puzzle. You caught very miniscule pieces of the war rather than the whole picture. I was expecting a full out war, rather than this. I do not understand why the book was this long, it was not needed at all.

Also, I found that the ending was very rushed. All Paolini wanted to do was give his fans the ending thay they wanted. What I think, though, is that he would have pulled out this series for as long as he could. And he would have, but everyone was waiting to see the end to his series. Thus, the snapshot ending. In Inheritance, the ending was pretty much wrapping up every single thing from book one to book four. Which took over one-hundred pages after the actual ending. I honestly think that it ruined the book. 

A lot of the character relationships were left hanging and some of the character's, like Murtagh, were not dealt with the way it should have been. 

I was expecting a little more from my favorite series. I will continue to re-read the first three books, but I have yet to re-read Inheritance. I just wish he would have written it a little better.

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