Saturday, September 13, 2014

What I Wish I Knew About Blogging when I Started 101! (#2)

So this is the second post to my mini series of: "What I Wish I Knew about  Book Blogging when I Started."

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Time Commitment: 

When I first started I knew that I was going to be putting quite a bit of time into my blog, yet it did not cross my mind until I actually started that I was putting in more hours than I actually thought I was going to be putting in. I was constantly updating my posts, I was reading others posts, and I was updating what my blog looks like. I wanted to have a great blog, I just had to come to an understanding that it was ok to take breaks, that it was ok to have a little writer's block, and it was ok
ok that life got in the way.

1. Taking a day off:
When I started my blog, I do not think I took a day off at all. Every single day I was doing two posts a day, I was promoting my blog, and I was reading others blogs. I thought that if I took a day off that I would follow behind the other bloggers. Well, I was definitely wrong. I needed that one day break to do something other than blogging. Do not get me wrong I love my blog, it is my hobby. But with every hobby you need a break to relax. I was up till we hours in the morning tweaking things that honestly needed no tweaking. Now I take days off. It gives me time to cool off and do something else.

2. It's ok to have writer's block:
Every time I started writing a review, if I couldn't get what I wanted to say out on the post, I got frustrated. I do not like writer's block, and I am assuming no one else does either. When I write a post I want it to go smooth and I want it to be done in a timely matter if I have a deadline. Unfortunately for me that is not always the case. It get's frustrating when I can't remember what I was going to write or say. But I have learned after listening to other bloggers that it is ok to have that writer's block. All you need to do is move on to the next thing and come back later.

3. Life Get's in the way Embrace it:
So this one I kinda had problem's with at first. I would be in the middle of writing a review post and then I would get a call from my best friend asking to go to a movie or the beach. I would sit there and glare at the phone because now I had a decision to make: go out with my friend or finish this post. Life get's in the way EMBRACE it. Yah the post might be important but living your life is also just important. I was always debating whether to write that post or go out. I should just go out, my reader's will still be there when I get back so I should not have debate life over blogging.  

Have an amazing weekend guys!!!

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  1. This is great advice! I'm a newbie blogger, and I've put up like 3 days posts in one day a couple of times, just so I can have things on there and my blog not look so sparse! I need to take breaks every now and then lol

    1. I understand what you mean, the very first time I blogged I put up about four posts and I spent so much time getting them perfect!! You are fine, if you send me a link to your blog I will definitely follow :)

  2. Heya! I so loved reading this post- it's great advice (like Brittnee said) and beautifully written! (You have a great writing style- I really like it!) Your first post about this was great, too: being yourself is probably the most important part of blogging. Why would you start a blog if you fill it with lies? x Now following you, hope you follow back!

    Yasmine | Cloudy Dreams

  3. Great post. Time away from the your blog is really important for one's sanity otherwise blogging turns into something you have to do instead if something you want to do. It's rare but sometimes I can't seem to pen a review and I've learned to not force myself. Although I love blogging, life outside with family and friends is ultimately more important.