Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What I Wish I Knew: Giveaways (#3)

Hey guys so here is another mini What I Wish I knew about Book Blogging When I Started.

Here are the last two posts on it:
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What I wish I knew before Book Blogging:


I had no idea what a giveaway was nor did I know how to do one. I would look at all those famous book bloggers and be like what the heck! How can I do that. I also had no ideas of the benefits of a giveaway. The other thing was I was really scared to do one, I did not know how to set one up, when to do it, or where. Nor did I know how to even give a prize away. So when the opportunity was given to me, well I almost rolled over dead. So I am about to tell you the benefits and tips to doing a Giveaway.

1. What's the point of a giveaway:
Believe it or not they really help in promotion, which is really great for you and the product/book that you are promoting. You are helping out your blog, by doing a giveaway you are driving in more traffic and people are seeing your blog. Which would have been nice to when I started blogging. You want followers and more readers well this is one way to do it. Now I am not saying host when every single day, those are hard to keep track of. But if you reach mile stones in your blog do a giveaway. I plan on doing a big giveaway when I reach my 100 follower's mark. Not only that they are just super fun :)

2. How to host a giveaway:

Well there are a few things that need to be done!
First: Terms and Conditions
  • Who can do the giveaway (Adults, teens, everyone, what countries, is it international)
  • Dates need to be included
  • How the prize will be given to the winner
  • How the winner will be contacted
  • How will the winner's information be kept safe
  • How a winner will be selected
  • Will a fee have to be paid
Second: What types of giveaway do you want to do 
There are three:
  • Sweepstake Giveaway: This is where someone gave you the prize to be given away, the person is chosen by the luck of the draw
  • Contest: You are the one picking the very best of all the contestants. Winner is chosen by the establishments of the contest.
  • Lottery: The winner or entree has to give something in return to get the prize that they want. 
Third: Prizes
You can do many things for prizes:
  • You can get a book from a author, publisher, or company and ask them to participate
  • You can get crafty and make cute things
  • If you have books you don't want then you can do that as a prize (or if family member's have books that are not wanted anymore that works to)
Last: Tools to do the giveaway
There are only two that I would really recommend, because of my personal liking to them:

1. Rafflecopter: It is super easy to use and can be done really quickly. The only problem is, is that you need a membership for a few things. Which is not a problem but if you want to use a photo to tell people what you are giving away that becomes hard. But go with the free version guys!!!

2. Giveaway Tools: This one is really great and the free version gives you everything that you need. I love how simple it is, and I really prefer using this one, once I found out that it existed. It also offers more social media choice which is really great!

There are so many ways to promote the giveaway:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog
  • GoodReads (Has groups that you can join)
  • Other blogs

Well I hoped this helped you out a little more guys!!
xx Kat xx


  1. I like everything about giveaways except for the postage coming out of my pocket... LOL

  2. What a helpful post! I intend to do my own giveaway soon as well. (I had one before, but it was during a book tour, so the author was sponsoring it.) thanks for the tips!

    I followed via email. Do you have a Bloglovin account? That's how I usually follow, but oh well. Lol. Comment/follow back? :)

    Brittany @ http://www.spacebetweenthespines.com

    1. Thank you!! I do have a bloglovin account if you would like to follow that way!

      I will definitely follow back!

  3. This is such a great post!;)
    Can't wait for your 100 followers giveaway! Your blog is so awesome, it won't be far away<3
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

    1. Thank you so much! I am also looking forward to the giveaway I have so many good ideas for it :)