Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What I Wish I Knew about Book Blogging when I Started 101! (#1)

Hey guys so I decided to do this mini series on: "What I Wish I Knew about Book Blogging when I Started." I know that I have not been in the book blogging world for very long, but I want to tell people what I wish I knew. I know some might seem obvious but they don't actually register until you actually start a blog.

So this first one is called:

Be You Not the Person Next Door

1. The Jealousy Monster:
I will admit that when I look at other book bloggers and see their number of page views and number of followers I got really jealous - like a normal person would. I wanted that but at the time I just wasn't willing to wait. Now when I look at other blogs and their followers I am proud of them because they have worked their asses off to get where they wanted. I know you want to get jealous but just know that it takes time - the followers will come. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but they will come. So be proud instead of being a grump. 
2. Don't Follow the Crowd: 
At the beginning I felt like I needed to write like other bloggers and do what they are doing, just to get where they are. Yet I did not want that, I wanted to write what I wanted and do what I wanted to do. It just took me a while to realize it. Don't follow the crowd, I know you hear it everywhere, but it is true. Reader's want to hear your voice, not the voice of someone they have already read from. Let your voice and creativity show. Don't follow the crowd, be the person in the crowd that shines the brightest and stands out.

3. Write what you want to Write:
You may think this is simple but really it is not. You see a fellow blogger writing something about this book and you see another blogger doing the same, well read a different book. You don't have to follow in the same steps as them. It doesn't mean you will get less views than them. It just means you will be different. Don't write something you are not going to enjoy, because blogging is suppose to be fun. 

I know that these three things can be so common and obvious but I honestly wish I knew that I did not have to be like any one else to gain followers, but mostly friends. I honestly wish that I was not so jealous of other people, but I am glad that I can see past that now!

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xx Kat xx

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