Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Post: Possible Cover Reveals and More

Sunday Post

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Brisingr (Inheritance #3) - by Christopher Paolini (Review - Thursday)
Feature Follow Friday - Friday
Heart of Dread: Frozen by Melissa De La Cruz and Michael Johnston (Review - Late Friday)

I know a really short week, I am currently reading The Throne of Glass. I am really, really behind on a lot. I have a few ARC's that need to be covered and I also have a cover reveal which won't be happening for a few more weeks. This week might change though, it all depends on school. 



  1. Oh, I do have some many review copies and it does feel like wading through treacle sometimes. I am eyeing up some of the books I want to read just for fun.
    Peggy @ The Pegster Reads

  2. Enjoy the Throne of glass, I'll be reading it soon and am really looking forward to it. Have a great week ;)

  3. Hope you're enjoying Throne of Glass. I know the reviews have been pretty glowing but I know for me that doesn't always mean I'll like the book. Have a great week!