Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why I will never giveup reading YA books | Bookish Talks #1

Why I will never give up reading YA books...
Many people (the older generation) have said that once you get to a certain age you start to put aside those "kid" books and start reading the "adult" books...well let me say something to this...the chance of me ever getting rid of my "kid" books well hell might freeze over before then XD. While I have noticed that I pick up a few more adult books than what I did in highschool, I doubt I will ever get rid of Young Adult books in my life. 

I must say this, a lot and I do mean a lot of 30+ year old are infactuated with young adult books and a quite a few of them have just started to read them. I will be one of those 60 year old grandmas that will be sitting in the middle of the YA section at Barnes and Noble picking books that I want to's just gonna happen dat way!
So why is this?

My first reason being is that Young Adult books will never get old to me, in a reality I think Young Adult books are starting to become a little more graphic (which I will be talking about in my new post). They are starting to include scenes that adult books have! I just read of book that was horribly graphic for a Young Adult book...which I was okay with just because of the fact I am 19 almost 20 and I don't want to read middle grade books anymore....

But continuing on with the point there are so many things to choose from in Young Adult. I know you can do the same with other books but it is just something about YA genres!

I guess another reason is as of currently I can connect with the characters age. Most YA book character age falls between 15-23. I guess knowing I am in the age range helps me connect more with the characters. Even though I think I will always be able to connect with character's in some way, shape, or form at any age. 
 A lot of the story-lines that I love; I have yet to find in the Adult Sections. Trust me I have looked but those story lines from the YA books always get more and more interesting as time goes on!

I think in all honesty I have always loved YA and that will never change. I have been reading these books since middle school and they will always have a place in my heart. They have always been eye catching to me and I think they always will be! I don't think I could give it up because me and YA books have history together. I will always love the characters, the story lines, the connections, and I especially love the authors!

Would you ever give up reading YA books? Would you ever switch to a different genre of books?


  1. I feel the exact same way! I'm a 19 year old college student, almost 20, and I still love YA. I think that it is pretty relatable no matter what age you're at. I do feel that since I'm an adult, I should read more "adult" books, so I sometimes feel a little conflicted. However, I think that I'll always love YA! It's addicting!

    Lizzie @

    1. Right! I think I will always love YA books it's just the way I am! I totally connect with you on since I am 19 almost 20 I should be reading "adult" books as well!

      xx Kat xx

  2. This is the kind of post I love reading <3 YA is addicting and there's so much variety in a range of genres that I don't think I'll ever get bored

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  3. I am glad that you enjoyed this post! I loved writing it! I love love love YA books and no one should tell me that I am too old to read them! I am not that old lol!