Sunday, November 9, 2014

Book Ramblings (#4)

Welcome to Rambling Mondays! Which is pretty much a rant or talk about what you are reading, your blog posts, movies related to books, what you bought recently, what is annoying you in the book world, etc. We all need to rant, what better timing then Monday's? You can really do whatever you want with it! BE CREATIVE, it is your post! You can do it once a week, every other week, or just once a month.

I just ask few things:
1. Enter you link on the post, it will be open all week
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Question of the week!!
How do college booktuber's/book bloggers afford huge book hauls every month!!

This is my biggest question of the week because I am seriously curious! I watch hundreds and read a lot of book hauls, mostly done by those that are my age and in college and I am like how the heck can you afford to do this! I see people doing 40+ books and I am like wow I wish I could do this. Do you go to a special place to buy books for really cheap! Or do you just save up money every month to do so! As a booktuber I kind of need to keep up with the book hauls and getting the newest books yet can not do that because I am to scared to spend my money and sometimes can't afford it

What are your guys thoughts?!

So reading Tiger's Voyage -.- and I am feeling grrr....I just want to slap Kelsey because she is being ridiculous! And Kishan is not backing off and... and...ugh! Books!

So as most of you know I started a booktube channel on youtube, it is going so great! I absolutely love it and my thoughts are instead of doing reviews by writing them out should I post my videos as the reviews?! What are your guys thoughts, you are my readers and I want to know what you want. I love each and every one of you! So your opinion matters! I will leave my link to youtube channel below! 

xx Kat xx

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