Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I know! I am posting two things in a day..I am impressed with myself, I promise guys I will try to get up posts every day, I am going to try to get up at least two! Also I have a question at the bottom of this post so please answer that!!

So my friends if most of you have not heard what TBR Challenge is then let me fill you with a vast amount of knowledge. TBR = To Be Read and what many people do is they make a TBR Jar where they write the books that are on their shelves that have not been read yet or want to reread, where they then role them up and put them in a mason jar. 
So it's pretty much a DIY project:
- A mason Jar
- sheets of paper (it can be color coded by genres or types of books - etc)
- Markers
- Ribbon or String
What to do: Write all your books onto the paper, then role them up and put them into the mason jar! You can decorate your mason jar any way you want to! Simple as that! And when you finish a book and have no idea what to read next well then you go to your handy dandy TBR Jar! 

onto the TBR Challenge stuff:
When I read I kinda go with the flow. So when I finish a book I really just pick the next book off my shelf. The only real time that I use my TBR Jar is when I am a really big reading slump. So what does that have to do with the TBR Challenge...really nothing. Except the challenge is to pretty much cut your TBR pile in half or to read certain books in the Year of 2015. The goal is also to not buy as many books. 

If you are thinking of doing a major book haul that will not really help knock down your TBR ...this is what you do:
- give yourself a 1:3 ratio meaning - you may buy books for every 3 books that you read. Or if you really need to cut back on buying books to help your TBR challenge then what you do is just raise the books read to the one book you buy. 

Honestly in the end do you not stress yourself out about how many books you have read in a month or in a year. Have fun with this and remember when you draw from your TBR Jar you must read the book that you draw!! No redrawing! 

QUESTION: What types of posts do you want to see more of from me? Leave your comments down below! 

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