Friday, March 13, 2015

Where to post Reviews and Unique Ways to Review|| BOOKISH TALKS #4


Where to Post Reviews and Unique Ways to Review a book!
 When I started book blogging I always and I mean always posted my reviews on the provided links to social media. Which is a great way to start out but that was not going to spread the word about my blog and my book reviews/posts. While I still use the provided social media, as it is the first thing I post on, I have come to find many other places where I can post my reviews and link back to my blog. (This post applies to all categories of blogs)

(Each Social Media is linked to my account to not only give examples as to what I do but also if ya'll would like to follow them as well -- love you all! )

Although this is a provided link at the bottom of a post I still feel like I need to emphasis how important this one is! There are millions of people on Twitter and there is bound to be quite a lot of people in your niche! So please post on this and use hash-tags! Never forget the hash tags. I know it takes time to post on every social media, but if you want to grow then you will want to take the time!

I had no idea that this existed but when I found this site out, I was using it left and right. StumbleUpon is pretty much a site where you can link your posts to and put in your hash tags and even put in your opinion and then when you push that little button named 'Stumble' quite a few people will definitely stumble upon it and click the link to your post. 

I know weird that I am saying this one, but no one really thinks about posting their reviews to their Instagram account. I always see people take a picture of the book and then in the text area put in a little of what they thought and the rate. Then they also say that the link to the review is in the bio! Which all you need to do is change the website link every time you post something new! I do this for both my videos and my blog posts. 

Another place that I post my reviews and link them back to my blog is Tumblr. It is pretty much the same thing as Blogger except Tumblr is unique in its own way. There is a place for tags and putting popular tags definitely helps with getting more views and links! 

Another great place to place your reviews and link to your blog is through GoodReads. I absolutely love GoodReads. Not only can you place your reviews and leave your link but you can also add all the books you want to read, the books you have read, and create shelves. I love love love this site.

I know these sites might seem like 'duh' Kat we already knew about this. When I started booktubing I had no idea about these sites Instagram I did, but I had no idea that these sites would help me get viewers and followers. 

Now you are probably wondering about my second part of this bookish talks episode. I am always trying to find unique ways to do reviews as doing the same thing all the time gets kind of boring! So here are a few ideas that I have thought and have seen others do.

 VIDEO REVIEWS: Since I am on Youtube I have come to love talking about my reviews through video and then posting it on youtube. I know this is not for everyone but those of you that are not shy you will definitely like this! 
There are other things in video reviews that you can do:
- You can act out parts that you loved
- Create a skit
- Just rant about the book
- You can create a animoto or animated video (I have seen quite a few of these -- one was on Vampire Academy)
- If you have seen Draw My Life (on youtube or anywhere else) then instead you can do Draw the Review or Draw (Book Name). I have really wanted to do this and it sounds like a lot of fun.

DRAW THE REVIEWS: If you are an artist you can draw your reviews and then take pictures of the drawings -- procede to post them on your blog. Not only is this creative but it is really unique as I have never seen anything like this! 

What are some unique ways to review books that you guys know of? Are there any that you want to try?

Where do you post your reviews to?

P.S Put your twitter, instagram, youtube channel etc. below so I can also follow you as well! 


  1. I always cross-post my reviews on Goodreads and tweet the link. I haven't used Stumbleupon and Instagram yet. I sometimes post my reviews on Tumblr only when I remember to. :)

    1. I do the same with GoodReads! Tumblr is one that I have just started using and quite enjoy it :)

  2. I usually jut tweet the link to my review and use goodreads, I haven't really gotten hand of the whole social media thing. StumbleUpon looks like something I'm going to start to use!
    Naomi @The Perks Of Being A Bookworm

    1. StumbleUpon is something I definitely recommend using! I absolutely love it and it's so useful when I want to find things like book blogs of booktube channels!

  3. I totally agree. If you have the time (I don't....*wail*) posting reviews on social media is a great way to get your thoughts out there. Before I started blogging I never even knew that people use twitter and facebook and instagram to share their love for books!
    –Miss Bloodsucker aka Belle

    1. It sucks that posting to so many social medial sites takes forever they need a button that links all posts to all social media sites and all you have to do is click it to sent the post to all of them! I need to invent this! I love using instagram to share my love for books!

  4. I also post my reviews on goodreads, both amazons, and then link both on twitter and instagram which takes a while for each post but it's worth it <3 all my usernames are @enchantedbyya :)

    Most recent post on Enchanted by YA:

    1. I want to post on amazon but they won't let me since I have not bought anything from there! Sad face :(...I really do need to do that sooner or later there are so many books that I want in my possession! I will definitely be following you on all your accounts!!!

  5. I stumbled upon an interesting side of Instagram some months ago.. It's called Bookstagram and people post fun pictures of books and challenges and even review books there! an author followed me on there also and it seems so fun! Great post!

    -John @ Burnishbooks

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