Thursday, February 19, 2015

Movie Talk: Fifty Shades of Grey (I SAID THE F WORD)!

Viewed: February 14, 2015 ( Rated R)
My Rate:4/10 (via imdb rating standards)
IMDb Rate: 4.1/10

 ...Oh no I said the F word!!! With many haters and lovers of Fifty Shades of Grey and many bloggers/ booktubers avoiding this intense topic. I decided that I wanted to tell my opinion on not only the movie but the the whole issue revolving around it as well. Now, as a lover of the series -- for the romance people -- get your mind out of the gutters. I have found there to be a lot of controversy, that I feel personally does not need to be there. But we will get into that later.

As always you can never compare the book to the movie, I have learned my lesson. While the movie was decent it did not fit my standards of amazing. I felt that through a majority of the movie, the actors were still trying to get into their role as Christian and Ana. 

Which is not really a bad thing, but when I notice something like that...well then it does become a problem. While a majority of the movie does follow the book, I felt as if it were choppy. Some words were left out...that were very IMPORTANT to this movie, and some scenes were also left out. I felt like they were skipping around a lot not keeping a cohesive stride between each scene.

The inappropriate parts did follow a majority of the book, although I still feel as if the movie was lacking the emotion the book had. However, there were many parts that I did enjoy. The first being Ana. She was as I pictured in the book. The actress did a great job at portraying Ana and expressing her emotions. I do not know if the "actor" for Christian did though. As the "actor" is not an actor at all but a underwear model. But I looked past that. I also loved how the made the "funny" scenes a little funnier just because this movie and the book are so intense. 

All in all I give this movie a 4/10 rating by the IMDb standards of ratings.

So now you are probably wondering my whole stance on the book and it's background. I personnally do not care...I know you would think I would have a better stance than that since I love the books. I have heard that this series is sexist, against feminism, and degrading. I have also heard how they could make that into a movie, etc.

So, here is my little argument. Why the hell did you go to the movie or read the books in the first place? If you are against it then just don't read it or see the movie simple as that. Second of all the books are not that bad...yes they are full of sex scenes. Yet, the funny thing is I can give you books that are worse than 50 shades of Grey. And they are popular too. 

As for the feminism argument, Ana gave her consent did she not? She was not raped or forced into going with the contract or Christian Grey. I am not bashing anyone, but this lifestyle has been around for a very long time. You can look in history books and they actually have sections on this...they just don't call it BDSM. I just want to say this Think before you Judge! You can hurt people with your words. I just don't know why everyone is making a big fuss out of it. It's not your life, it is theirs the characters and people in real life. So stop acting as if it will effect you, it will not!

Sorry guys for my little rant, it was needed! So there is my views on the whole thing! 


  1. I think we disagree a little on the underlying issues of 50 Shades, but I will agree with you that the book was entertaining enough for what it was. I'm more concerned with the film! It seems like everyone has gone to see it but me. It's too bad that it fell short of its mark, but that was honestly expected. As soon as the actors were released I lost any excitement I may have had - especially with the guy they chose for Christian Grey. Seriously, if Ian Sommerhalder had been picked I would have been there on opening night! I also heard there was no nudity apart from boobs and butts and... what? In 50 Shades?! Oh well, better luck next time.

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

    1. I am so glad to hear your opinion! The film was not too bad, I went by myself and was surround by was a little awkward. As for the nudity you heard correctly, they were very careful on what they showed. I am hoping the next will be a little better.