Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wishlists and More + Your Thoughts!!

Sunday Post 

Last Week:

I know guys a really, really short week. I kinda feel bad. I just have not had enough time at all for reviews, had exams!

This Week: 
Cover Reveal
Book Review - Crown of Midnight

There will be a whole lot more this week, I just need to plan out which days are which!!

So I have created a wishlist for books that is far bigger than any other list that I have created! I am hoping that for Christmas and in general that I will get a majority of these books -- So family members and friends beware!! Look through the list and tell me if I should add a series!

Some of the books on the list kinda make you ask: "Why don't you have those yet?" ...Well I haven't gotten around to them!! There is just so much to read haha!

Your Thoughts:
Ok, so I have been googling this for awhile and honestly have not got a real straight answer yet. I know that this would be my choice but It is always good to have another opinion! So here it goes, I have been thinking about incorporating a book vlog into my life. Now that does not mean I am getting rid of my blog, since this is where all my reviews are going! Blogging is my passion so I won't get rid of it at all. What are your guy's thoughts? Do you think I should try it, do you know people that do it, or do you do it yourself?


  1. I don't know much about vlogs. I am curious though.
    I've got a huge wish list. I'm going to print it out so Chrsitmas gifts will be easy choices from me this year. Of course, I'll treat myself to some too:)
    Here is my Sunday Post -

    1. I am curious as well!! My mom says that I need to add something different to my christmas list besides books...

  2. Great interview this week, I enjoyed reading it and learning about an author I wasn't familiar with. Her books sound interesting.

    Nice wishlist too, there's definetly some good stuff on there! I can attest to the Game of Thrones books being good, and the Marie Lu books are supposed to be great too.

    1. Thank you! Her books are good, in my opinion. I am glad that you like my wishlist!

  3. I don't do vlogs but I suggest that you post your vlogs here to so people would know tha you have one :)

    My Week in a Wrapped #2

    1. I definitely will if I decide to start a vlog!!