Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Ramblings (#2)

Welcome to Rambling Mondays! Which is pretty much a rant or talk about what you are reading, your blog posts, movies related to books, what you bought recently, what is annoying you in the book world, etc. We all need to rant, what better timing then Monday's? You can really do whatever you want with it! BE CREATIVE, it is your post! You can do it once a week, twice, or just once a month.

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You know those moments in life where you are sitting in the middle of Barnes and Noble, reading through the books, and getting those dirty looks from the clerks. Yep that was me this weekend! So I was sitting there with a huge stack of books that I just had to have, my mom comes to me and is like "yah your are not getting all of those." Dang you mom! She is right but let me dream a little!

I just wanted to buy them all so bad! I can't just leave B&N with only one book, it needs to be like three at least. Any shopping trip is not complete without the last few hours spent in a B&N or another book store.

So let's talk about this book called Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck. I am frustrated and I mean frustrated beyond anything with Kelsey...She is OH MY GOODNESS! She complains that Ren doesn't love her yet turns around and pretty much leaves them, than to continue to complain about why he won't call her.

Speaking of this book, I heard it was becoming a movie. The guy that is playing Ren...oh hot damn! I mean my fricken goodness. I can't wait to see it!

I am hoping to get this book done with soon because I bought the third book and want to get to it.

So I heard some news that I never thought I would hear: The Mortal Instrument series is becoming a TV Show? 

I honestly could see it happening, there is enough information to make it into a tv series. I just do not know how to feel about it. Are they even going to use the same character's from the movie if they decide to do it?

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  1. I'd love to do this! Xox where do I sign up? :P
    Heir of Fire was really good! <3

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    1. I found the thingy ahah... I'll be sure to add my post when it's been posted! :)

    2. Haha I am glad that you found it! I will definitely go to your blog!