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BOOK REVIEW: Persephone (Daughters of Zeus #1) by Kaitlin Bevis

Persephone (Daughters of Zeus #1)

Name: Persephone (Daughters of Zeus #1)
Author: Kaitlin Bevis
Number of Pages: 237
Publisher: Musa Publishing, LLC
Date Published: July 6th, 2012
Source: Review (Bought- Ebook)
Rate: 4/5

There are worse things than death, worse people too

The “talk” was bad enough, but how many teens get told that they’re a goddess? When her mom tells her, Persephone is sure her mother has lost her mind. It isn’t until Boreas, the god of winter, tries to abduct her that she realizes her mother was telling the truth. Hades rescues her, and in order to safely bring Persephone to the Underworld he marks her as his bride. But Boreas will stop at nothing to get Persephone. Despite her growing feelings for Hades, Persephone wants to return to the living realm. Persephone must find a way to defeat Boreas and reclaim her life.

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As of late, as in a few months ago, I have been addicted to the mythical world, well more like God's and Goddesses and the whole Greek Mythology. And by the cover you kind of already know my favorite pair: Hades and Persephone. I am just in love with the idea of the two. I think I bought like four books on the two of them together in some way shape or form. I honestly should make a Greek reading book theme some time, because they are just so fantastic to read!!!

So, I definitely like Persephone is this book, she is a teenager that has no idea she is a Goddess. And a lucky Goddess at that, I mean who would not want to be with the sexy Hades. I have always pictured the God's and Goddesses young, a majority of fiction I read that has them they are always depicted as young and very good looking. Who want's to picture them as old gizzers. Persephone is your ordinary teenager, that has no interesting life what so ever. Except for the fact that her mother has been keeping a dirty little secret from her daughter: she is a Goddess.

The book Persephone takes you on a whole new look into the mythical world. The God's and Goddesses are dying out and those that are left are hiding from the evil that lurks behind the bushes, ready to kill. It is a great twist which I loved because you always here how they are immortal and perfect, nothing can happen to them.

Well something does, and Persephone get's into the midst of it all. But fortunately for her she has Hades who has always hidden in the shadows ready to save her on his dark steed.

I loved the romance, it was not as fast as most books are but it was not dull. It was full of sarcasm, lust, and a little hatred. Which is definitely understandable if you were taken from your home to an underworld, that doesn't look like an underworld. Nor does Hades look ugly, in fact he is so fricken handsome that he is just to hot to look at, haha did you get moving on.

I honestly would recommend this book to anyone that I came across. It is the type of book that gives you a break between those huge series. It is a downtime book from reading. Could the writing style be a little bit better yes, absolutely, but it still is something I would read again!!

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  1. OOoh nice! I keep debating over this one and I think I had to pass on reviewing it earlier this year because I was overwhelmed with my current review stack...and ironically at this point right now, that hasn't changed! Yet I do looooove Greek mythology tales! And this one does sound fantastic! Might have to add it to my Wishlist! Great review!

    1. You should add it to your wishlist :) it is super good, and it is definitely a new style when it comes to Greek Mythology. Thank you!!

  2. I definitely have to give this one a try! Great review, by the way! :)

  3. Thanks guys!! It is a really good book ;)

  4. Okay, so Persephone is basically my favorite Greek Goddess of all time and now I need this book in my life, oh man. Great review! :)

    Julies @ The Book of Jules

    1. Thank You!! I love this book, I want the rest of them, I just need to get through the rest of my TBR list :)

  5. I keep hearing this one is really good, need to check it out!

    1. It is really good, I got it on my nook and I am happy that I did ")