Friday, July 11, 2014

Stacking the Shelves

Okay so I am super excited right now! Yesterday I took my youngest cousin into to town to get away from my screaming nieces. I had already planned on buying books because she loves to read so much and since I missed a few birthdays I decided I would buy her a few books. Well I obviously bought more than a few books. (Note I never spend money on myself and tend to save a lot...this was Christmas/Birthday/Every other holiday present to myself.) I had spent over $70 yesterday on about 12 books...I couldn't be happier. I came home so giddy my mom started getting annoyed.

So here we go on this mini book haul tour. For my cousin, I had gotten her three books the first was Marked, then The Host (Go read my review on that book), and then another book I can't really remember as of this moment. So during that time I kept on finding books that were on my wish list and ones that looked plain good.

The Lux Series is a series for a while that I wanted to read and when I found out that in my tiny book store they had them and in the special edition form I couldn't just not get both of them.

The Lux Series: Beginnings includes
The Lux Series: Consequences Includes:

Rules of Attraction
Chain Reaction

Now when I saw this next one I got really excited because I am a Tobias/Four fan:


(Click Links for Synopsis)

After this long day of finding amazing books I just want to find a small corner to hide in for the next few weeks and read them all....sigh if only. I will be getting to all of them though and getting book reviews up!!

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xx Kat xx

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