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BOOK REVIEW: Tiger's Destiny by Colleen Houck

Tiger's Destiny (The Tiger Saga, #4)

Name: Tiger's Destiny (Tiger's Curse #4)
Author: Colleen Houck
Number of Pages: 464
Publisher: Splinter
Date Published: September 4th, 2012
Source: Bought
Rate: 4.5/5

With three of the goddess Durga's quests behind them, only one prophecy now stands in the way of Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan breaking the tiger's curse. But the trio's greatest challenge awaits them: A life-endangering pursuit in search of Durga's final gift, the Rope of Fire, on the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.  It's a race against time--and the evil sorcerer Lokesh--in this eagerly anticipated fourth volume in the bestselling Tiger's Curse series, which pits good against evil, tests the bonds of love and loyalty, and finally reveals the tigers' true destinies once and for all. A smart  phone tag code on the back cover links readers to the series website. 

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Tiger's Destiny was a book of frustrations, all good frustrations. Kelsey has almost reached the end of her destiny with her tiger's, but until that time she has one more gift to obtain. To reach this gift she has to open her heart to the way, but that can be hard when one boy has given everything to be with her and one boy has done everything in his power to save her. It also does not help that Lokesh is on the prowl and all he wants is Kelsey for himself.

Half way through Tiger's Destiny I honestly had no idea who's team I should be on: Ren or Kishan. It was a frustrating blend to say the least. I found myself wondering if I would be ok with Kishan and Kelsey together, but then Kishan does something absolutely stupid and I am like "nope, not going to happen." So by the end I was still Team Ren all the way.

I also felt my shift in emotions with Kelsey. I have absolutely no idea what the heck made her make such stupid decisions. She just kept making all these decisions that was not only hurting her but everyone else around her. I must admit, though, that her character development was absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed watching her grow over the two years in the book, she has become a very strong female protagonist. I enjoyed all of her antics and her little fights with Ren. What I think I enjoyed the most, was she would give up her life for her tiger's.

Kishan....well I just plain did not like him, even at the end of the book my liking for him did not change. I did not like the Kishan and Kelsey romance, I feel that Kelsey was putting more work into that relationship than Kishan was. She was trying to put her feelings of Ren to the back burner and here's Kishan flirting with every female on the planet. He won her and yet he flirts with everyone else. Not only is he a flirt but he gave no consideration to Kelsey's needs and wants, he brushed her off half the time. In a way he was really childish.

I felt bad for Ren, he had to watch the one he loves be with someone else, and his own brother to boot. I loved how sensitive Ren was, where Kishan was lacking Ren was not. 

The story line was absolutely beautiful, and the tale woven was spectacular. I loved the intricate details and how each part in this book played a role for the ending. There was passion and disloyalty, there was past and future, and there was pure love. I adored the story of Durga. I have yet to find a series that even compares to this book. The history involved was amazing. I think I learned more lore and mythology in this book than in a text book! Even if some was false! 

There is heartbreak and much sadness. It was hard to deal with the emotions at times, there were so many sad moments in Tiger's Destiny. I honestly recommend this series to anyone that has a passion for mythology, adventure, and romance. 

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