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BOOK REVIEW: Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck

Tiger's Quest (The Tiger Saga, #2)

Name: Tiger's Quest (Tiger's Saga #2)
Author: Colleen Houck
Number of Pages: 479
Publisher: Sterling Publishing
Date Published: June 7th, 2011
Source: Review (Bought)
Rate: 5/5

Back in Oregon, Kelsey tries to pick up the pieces of her life and push aside her feelings for Ren. Kelsey Hayes's eighteenth summer was crazy. The kind of crazy nobody would ever believe.

Aside From battling immortal sea monkeys and trekking the jungles of India, she fell in love with Ren, a 300-year-old prince.

When danger suddenly forces Kelsey on another Indian quest, with Ren's bad-boy brother, Kishan,the unlikely duo begins to question their true destiny. Ren's life hangs in the balance--so does the truth within Kelsey's heart.

Tiger's Quest, the thrilling second volume in the Tiger's Curse series, brings the trio one step closer to breaking the ancient prophecy that binds them.

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Kelsey has been through a lot, well more than the average teenager. Finding out your best friend, who just so happens to be a tiger, is a human that is a 300 year old prince, that she has to save. On top of that little discovery she has to travel to India and go on adventures to break the curse. Of course let's not forget the evil immortal sea monkeys that just want to kill them. 

I fell in love with the Tiger Saga the moment I picked it up, of course it took me a year to do so, but better late than never. The Tiger's Saga is a gripping tale of romance and adventure. Both genres, of which I am in love with. 

Tiger's Quest, I found was a mixture of different elements. You have your romance, your adventures, but than you have your very old history. Yet not just any history there is different religions involved, there is mythology, and there is your ancient history. I am usually not one to read about religions but they just fit so well into the book! There is so many different connections between the histories, Houck did an amazing job at weaving them together. I was thoroughly impressed!

Now Kelsey, is still my favorite character in this book. Although, Mr. Kadam is rivaling that spot as of this moment. Kelsey, I feel, has whiplash in Tiger's Quest. No Joke!!! She leaves Ren behind, in India, and than continues to complain that he is not there, that he doesn't call her, that he does not love her, and that he has moved on. I like the girl, but good grief, you are the one that LEFT HIM!! Then there is the whole dating fiasco!

 I must admit, though, Kelsey is a very strong character. I don't think that she has fully grown into her role yet when it comes to the Curse of the tigers, but I think she will in time. In Tiger's Quest she has secrets that are revealed, she has to deal with a fatal blow that will honestly affect her throughout the book, and she has do deal with her new found powers. I just don't think I could take her place...well I probably would those prince's are kinda cute (JUST KIDDING MY LOVELY BOYFRIEND WHO IS PROBABLY READING THIS!!!)...anyways..moving on! I can't wait to see Kelsey develop and come into herself more as the series progresses.

Now Ren...all I am saying is you don't see much of him..moving on! Kishan, oh my goodness, this hot piece of man that makes me want to hit him. He is a flirt, big time. I wanted to smack him away and be like NO, she is Ren's not your's!! Since I am Team Ren and all. Kishan, at first was a bad boy but as Tiger's Quest goes on you notice, he is sweet, but he was always put last. Which is why he act's the way he does.

Now Mr. Kadam, is by far the greatest secondary character every written. He is funny, sweet, beyond brilliant, and would make a great grandpa. He takes care of Kelsey like his own, and love's her like his daughter. Mr. Kadam tells amazing stories, I always loved it when he would start talking about ancient history, or break into a story of mythology!

Tiger's Quest kept me wrapped up until the very end. Even if the ending made me angry! I must say that Colleen Houck definitely knows how to write an amazing story and I found no flaws in her writing, it was beautifully woven. Let's see where the next one takes me!

Read on my fellow tiger lovers, read on!!

xx Kat xx

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